Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost 3 Months Old

My dearest baby Kimi,

As I watch your sweet angelic face sleeping peacefully in the bassinet beside my bed, I am compelled to write you this long overdue letter. My brain tells me that I better sleep while you are sleeping because you will probably be awake in a few hours wanting to drink milk, but my heart tells me that I should write to you since I may not get another chance like this again.

I've wanted to write to you since the day you were born, but my life has been consumed with caring for you constantly that I never got the chance to do so.

I promise I will write you a letter telling you all about your birth and the best thing that has happened to me this year.

You are 11 weeks and 1 day old today. I cannot believe that 3 months have almost come and gone so quickly. It feels like it was just yesterday when I found out I was expecting I have a sweetheart who is almost 3 months old. Sometimes, I still cannot believe I really have a baby, a daughter who has my own flesh and blood, and will forever be a part of me. It is such an amazing feeling, one that cannot be explained; only experienced.

This past 11 weeks of my life has been so bittersweet. When I first took you home from the hospital, I thought caring for you would be a piece of cake since I am a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurse. I was wrong of course. I had to learn like any new mom about how to care for a newborn baby. It was not easy. The first night you were home, you cried a lot and refused to be put down. You wanted to be nestled in my arms constantly. I remember crying that night because I was so tired and frustrated. Your Papsi and wonderful father took you from my arms and rocked you to sleep in the rocker while I got some sleep. When I think back to that time, I cannot help but smile because I realize how much you have changed and grown in such a small amount of time. Now that you are almost 3 months old, you constantly smile, coo, and interact with all of us. You are 14 lbs heavy and 24 inches long. I love waking up to you in the morning because you are all bright eyes and bushy tailed and smile as soon as you see me. You are like a breath of fresh air to me when I wake up in the morning. It makes all the difficult times bearable and easily forgotten.

In the past few weeks, you have been holding your head up straight and bobble a little only. You are soo strong and very advanced for your age. Everyone who meets you says that they cannot believe how alert and interact you are. You smile when people come up to talk to you or give you a smile. Lately, your hands have been your obssession. I'm not sure when it started, but I found you sucking your fingers one day. Since then, you have acquired that habbit and suck on your fingers with a gusto when I am not around to stop you. I find it so funny when I find you sucking on your left hand and have your right hand in a fist all raised up like you are ready to ask a teacher a question. You do great with belly time as long as you are full and well fed. You keep youself entertained by cooing and exploring your surroundings. The funniest thing that happens to you though is when you coo so much and get so excited that you end up getting the hiccups. I feel so bad when you have them because you look so uncomfortable. You get them almost on a daily basis because you get so excited and almost talk by making all these interesting sounds.

One thing that you love is being held constantly and talked to. What baby doesn't like that you would probably ask me. If you are in someone's arms, you are all smiles and carefree. It is so hard to put you down but we have to because we need to get things done and also train you not to be too spoiled. Trust me, putting you down and letting you cry is one of the hardest and painful things to do. I hate hearing you cry and see tears rolling down your red rimed eyes. Most of the time, someone succumbs to your cries and picks you up. Because of that, you are kind of spoiled and got nicknamed "Brattynella" by your grammy. Your Papsi and I are now trying to train you and have to let you cry.

I would love to write so much about all your developments in the past few weeks but I must end this letter now as the time is getting late.

I promise to write again soon if time permits and I will post up pictures of your birth and the past 2 months.

Know that I always love you and am so happy that I finally have a daughter of my own.

Yours always,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ready or Not, You've Got to Come....

My Dearest Kimi,

As of today, September 26, 2009, Saturday, you have been in my belly for 40 weeks and 4 days. Actually, it really is 38 weeks and 4 days because technically you were not conceived until week 2. I will explain to you one day how all this womanly cycle thing works so you will understand.

In our human world, your due date is when you reach 40 weeks. By this time, it means that you are fully mature and ready to come out. They say plus or minus 2 weeks though since most people do not know what date their baby was actually conceived. I myself do not know what day you were actually conceived because I do not know when my ovary was exactly fertilized : )

I know you probably love being in my belly because it is such a cozy and warm environment. You are fed around the clock whenever I eat with no effort at all, your body temperature is constant and warm due to homeostasis, you can move, sleep, and wake up whenever you want without anyone dictating the right time. Even I would love to stay in that kind of environment. Unfortunately, you cannot stay in there forever because I am only human and have limitations. My placenta which has been keeping you nourished with food and oxygen will not be able to function too well after 42 weeks of doing it's job. It will start to deteriorate and will not be able to do it's job like it used to. Because of that reason, you will have to come out and continue to be nourished by me and your daddy.

You will soon learn that in our world, there are limitations to everything. In an ideal world, maybe you could stay in my belly forever...but then again, you would never be able to get to know me, your daddy, or your family. There is a good reason why you need to come out. God made us humans this way. We can interact with you, care for you, and most especially, love you. Your are the fruit of our Love (Your daddy and I). Love has to continue to grow and cannot just be stagnant. Your daddy and I love each other, and with that love, you were made and are the fruit of our love together. It's really a beautiful thing once you understand it. We cannot wait to hold you in our arms, care for you, and love you. Hopefully in return, you will learn how to love and pass on that love to others around you.

The doctors who have been caring for me during my whole pregnancy have given me a date for when I will have to be induced. It basically means that if you do not come out on your own naturally, they will give me medicine to allow my uterus to contract and go into labor so that you will be forced to come out. The big day is scheduled to start tomorrow, September 27, 2009, Sunday at 8:30 in the evening. We have been waiting for this big day to arrive. If you choose to come out on your own, you will have to do it before tomorrow evening. One way or another, hopefully, you will be in our arms by Monday. It is also a special day on Monday because it is the feast day of the one and only Filipino Saint, Lawrence Ruiz.

This will most likely be my last letter to you before you come out. The next time I write, it will be all about your birth and my delivery experience. I cannot wait to go through this special moment with you, even though I have to admit I am afraid of the pain and anything that could possibly go wrong.

Everyone has been praying for you and me all over the world, from the Philippines, Taiwan, Nicaragua and all over the US. We are truly blessed to be loved by so many. Everyone is waiting for your arrival and to see pictures of you.

We love you dearly and cannot wait to spend the next years of our life with you.

Yours always,

Kimi's Corner All Ready for Her

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Updated Pregnancy Photos

False Alarm!!!

Dearest Kimi,

You are still in my belly but already have become a drama queen who likes to keep your parents in suspense and constant excitement.

Yesterday, the 23rd of September, I woke up suddenly at 2:30 in the morning because of intense back pain and cramping to my abdomen. I tried to sit up, change positions, and even went to the bathroom to empty my bladder but the pain would not go away. I thought to myself, it must be labor contractions that are starting. I tried to go back to sleep but the pain kept me awake for a long while. I debated whether or not to wake your Papsi up but decided against it because I wanted him to get a good night's rest if I was truly in labor and had to go into the hospital later that morning. It was so hard to figure out if I was really experiencing true labor contractions because I have never experienced them in my whole life. You are my first baby of course so this experience is so foreign to me. I never had braxton hicks during my whole pregnancy so I really had no clue. I kept waiting to feel for my bag of waters to break or something else to happen to tell me that I was really in labor. But nothing happened. I must have dozed off but woke up again around 4:30 because of the same pain that was getting worse. I got up to empty my bladder again because I felt the need to constantly empty it.

Finally, around 5:30 in the morning, I decided that your Papsi had enough sleep and I had to wake him up because I was getting really uncomfortable. He got up right away and got his watch to help me time my contractions. But, I really didn't know how to time it since I felt like my belly was constantly hard and painful. Your Papsi told me to check my underwear to see if anything is showing down there. True enough, when I pulled down my pants, my little pad had a glob of dark brown blood and had fluid accumulated all over. Your Papsi said "Yep, that's your water that broke." Because I am a nurse, I said "let's not assume it's my bag of water that broke, it may just be a mucus plug or bloody show." Since we were not sure and the pain I was feeling was not getting any better, I decided better to call the doctor. Dr. Silas, my favorite OB called right back and asked me to go into Fairfax Hospital to be checked. Your Papsi was so excited for your arrival that he woke up his parents and told them to get ready for the big day. He took a nice shower and put on his favorite pink button down shirt to celebrate your arrival. We got everything packed into the car ready to welcome you.

As I arrived in the hospital, I was brought into Triage and hooked on monitors to check for your heart rate activity and my contractions. The nurse was not very happy with your HR and asked me when I last ate. I told her my last meal was dinner the night before. She asked me why I had not eaten since dinner the night before. I told her I was not hungry and felt nauseated with the pain I was having since 2 am. I was slightly annoyed because she expected me to be like her. She had replied to me and said that when she was pregnant, she ate constantly. Hello! I'm not like her. I eat only when I'm hungry and not around the clock. Anyway, she ended up giving me some juice to wake you up a bit. Your HR was fine after that...I knew you were ok because you kept moving. You do love to sleep in the morning though regardless if I eat a heavy breakfast or not so I was not surprised when you didn't have much activity when they hooked you to the monitor.

Anyway, it was showing that I was having contractions on the monitor but the nurse said it was not strong enough because I was still able to smile and talk. Dr. Berry, the new OB on shift came to say hello and said he would check me out in a while. I was not too happy to see him since I wanted to have Dr. Silas instead. Eventually, the nurse told me that I will most likely be sent home and will have to come back when the contractions get stronger either later in the evening, the next day or the day after. Finally, Dr. Berry came to see him and did a vaginal exam. He did say that I had a bloody show but that my bag of waters was still intact. He wanted me to go home and rest and come back if anything more exciting happens.

I keep telling your Papsi and your Auntie Mandie that maybe when you found out it was Dr. Berry there instead of Dr. Silas, you decided to delay your debut...hahaha!

I was glad to go home and get some rest because I had been up all night long in pain.

I guess the contractions were not real labor contractions yet and just practice contractions for the big day! I got your Lim and Kubota Grandparents too excited and everyone who had found out wanted to know if you were born already. You do love the suspense I'm sure! I know you will come when you are good and ready. I'm hoping in a day or two before my scheduled induction on Sunday.

Thank you for letting me sleep through out the night though and not coming just yet because I was in need of a good night's rest.

So many people including your Papsi and I are sooo excited for you to finally make your appearance. Please don't let us wait too long ok? We want to hold you already and welcome you into our family!

Love you so much,

Your Mama

Monday, September 21, 2009

Waiting Patiently for Your Big Debut

My Dearest Kimi,

I am now 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Tomorrow is the big day for your Due date, Sept 22nd 2009. I have been waiting patiently for you to make your appearance into this world for the past few weeks. The desire has only gotten stronger with the last 2 weeks. Everyone keeps telling me that I have to be patient and wait for the right time. I have been praying about it and really practicing the virtue of patience. Now, I am so used to you being in my big round belly that I'm not sure if I want you to come out just yet. I've gotten so comfortable with having a round ball in front of me constantly that I really don't mind anymore.

Luckily, I am able to rest/sleep well at night even though I do wake up once in a while to empty my bladder or just look at the clock. I have been on maternity leave for the past two weeks so my body is relaxed and not stressed out about having to go to work. Also, your Kubota grandparents Ogisan and Obasan (Gigi and Baba) have been here since September 2 and have spoiled me rotten. They feed me healthy and freshly cooked food 3 times a day and don't let me lift a finger to do anything. Maybe that's why my cervix has not dilated because I don't get to do all the things I used to do before. I really cannot complain because I am truly lucky to have them here and care for me. They love you and me so much even though they have not met you yet. Your BaBa prays the rosary for you and me daily and offers us up to Mama Mary. It's so touching and heart warming to hear her pray for us both. Your Baba is truly special and we are lucky to have her. I am grateful and thankful that they decided to come early to help us out.

Last week, I was constantly complaining about my belly being so heavy and my feet swelling up like Fred Flintsone's feet (Yabadabadooo feet). Everyone around me has been very encouraging and told me to pray and be patient. Since then, I've had a peace around me and I can look at my feet and just laugh at them. I look at the stretch marks in my belly and say that it's part of life and being a mother. No matter what, I am thankful for having them because at least I am able to get pregnant and be an instrument of God in this wonderful Miracle of Life. Some people are longing to get pregnant and will never be able to have the opportunity. Even though you were a surprise to us, we are ever grateful and happy to have you. It is truly an honor to be bearing you inside of me and helping you grow from a little cell to a real human baby. It's an experience that is hard to describe. Only mothers who have gone through the same experience will be able to understand how I am feeling. There is sooo much joy in it despite the difficulties, aches, and pains. I chose to focus on the joys than the aches and pain.

You have 5 more days to enjoy my warm belly environment my dearest baby before the doctors will have to force you to come out on Sunday. It is for your safety that we also have to force you to come out. My placenta will have done it's best and will start to deteriorate as the days go by. For now, I am scheduled to go into Fairfax Hospital where your Auntie Mandie works on Sunday evening at 8:30 pm where they will give me medicine and start your journey to the outside world. We are sooo excited to meet you already and hold you in our arms. Everyone is waiting for your Big Debut, my princess!!!

Just wanted to tell you that we love you sooo dearly and cannot wait to see you real soon!

Yours always,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Princess Party for the little princesses

My dearest Kimi Chan,

A few weeks ago when I was 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant, the ladies I work with at the Special Care Nursery in Sibley hosted a baby shower for me and another co-worker Deirdre who is also expecting a baby girl. The called it the "Princess Party for the little princesses."

The party was hosted by Lynnie who lives in Bethesda. We had it at her beautiful home. Everyone brought really yummy food and Jane baked 2 special cakes for Deirdre and I. It was such a heart warming event. My co-workers treated us like real princesses.

Below are pictures from the event:

The cutest Japanese Kimono T-shirt from Haley. I love it!!!

More sleepers from Beth! I can't get enough of will enjoy sleeping in them my darling.

Look at all the generous gifts. Aren't they just so sweet!

Generous clothes basket from my boss Pauline! Imagine, you have clothes for next summer and 4th of July already. I'm so grateful.

Deirdre and I with the beautiful and yummy cakes.

What an adorable cake with a little girl baby on it. It was a chocolate cake. Real Yummers!

Couldn't have a princess party without a cake with a Tiara. How precious. It was a delicious lemon cake.

Time to cut and eat the yummy cakes says all the ladies.

All the gifts given by the special care nursery ladies. Thank you all for being so kind and generous. Kimi will look adorable in them and will enjoy all the books, toys, and blankets : )

Ok, that's it Kimi blog!

Love always,
Your Mama

Lovely comments from your Aunties & Uncles

My dearest Kimi,

All your Aunties and Uncles are awaiting your great arrival. While they wait patiently, they have written me so many encouraging and kind words to keep me going while I wait for the most exciting day of my life. I am posting them here so that you can read them one day and know how many people love you already even while you are still in my belly.

Fatima Samson Nicdao Kimchi!!!!!!!!!!!! come out come out wherever u are!!!!!!!!!!

August 31 at 6:58pm

Evelyn Kubota "PRAYER" is my gift for you everyday that you will be fine, protected & have the strength to cope with all the pressures & stress of the day. Have a blessed day!!!!

September 8 at 5:58am

Luisa Crane
I'm glad you're feeling well, are you still being abke to sleep at night? I remember not being able to find a comfortable position in the bed the last few weeks. I also hoped that Bella would come early, its so hard to be patient, even frus...trating at times. Just remember, "He has made everything beautiful in its time." (Ecc. 3:11) Btw did you get a birth announcement and a gift from us? I hope they made it to you ok! Rest up, enjoy a lot of alone time with your hubby bc you won't get much of it those first few months :) keep me posted! Xoxo Read More

September 9 at 7:36am

Samantha Chow Hey Andie, hope you're doing well! I got something mailing to you, but I was in such a rush I didn't put a card in it, so it's coming separately :) I hope baby Kimi likes all the lil goodies I put in there :) Oh, and it's from my family and I :)

September 10 at 1:55pm

Angela Nyakairu Hey Andrea, How are you? I am sure you can't wait till the little princess gets here. I keep on checking on your wall everyday to check if you have given birth yet:) Can't wait to see her. Take care.

September 12 at 9:55am

Fatima Samson Nicdao Kimchi, baby let's go! Come out already! No Filipino time ok? Love you, Tita Fatima

September 12 at 11:56am

Andrea Lim Kubota
Tita Fatima, I am taking my time in my mommy's belly trying to look perfect and pretty to make the best entrance into this world. Remember, I am half Filipino and like you said, Filipinos are always late. Please be will see me soon. Love you and can't wait to meet you. Love, baby Kimchi :)Read More

September 12 at 1:29pm

Fatima Samson Nicdao
you're already perfect my love!!!!
Mon at 1:33pm

Fatima Samson Nicdao Dearest Kimchi, I want to let you know that I was thinking about you today and wondering what kind of music you would like: love songs, or techno. Hmm. Maybe heavy metal? hahhaa. I want to take you to your first rock concert. Love, Tita Fatima

Mon at 9:10pm

Andrea Lim Kubota
Tita Fatima, thank so you so much for always thinking about me. You are such a sweet Tita and I really cannot wait to meet you. As for music...I'm not sure yet which kind I would like. My mom listens to all kinds and sings to me all the time. I hope I will like to sing like my Papsi and Mommy. You can definitely take me to my first rock concert one day. Love you and thinking about you also. Baby Kimchi
Yesterday at 1:14pm

Nicola Sequeira
Andie, when is Kimi coming out!! I got her a little something and its wrapped here ready to be shipped:) I have to only get to the post office soon. Can't wait for Kimi to be here already!! Keep me posted. Can't wait to see you all soon. to everyone at home. Kisses to Kimi. Love you all!Read More

Mon at 10:33pm

Victor Postemski TJ and I are keeping you and Dex in our thoughts and prayers this week! We're looking forward to welcoming Kimi to the world!

Mon at 11:19pm

Mary Doka Hi Sweetie... how are you doing? Can't wait for baby Kimi to come... I'm sure she will be one spoilt beautiful little gal...... Can't imagine what your house looks like...all baby stuff.... love you loads & praying that she will be here soon...

Yesterday at 9:44am

Kristin Attiogbe
Can't wait to hear the good news!!
Yesterday at 1:22pm

Jacqueline S. Ramos
Soon, Andie! Soon!!!:)
Yesterday at 2:00pm

Joy Lao
Congratulations and praying that both of you and your baby will be safe and continue to be healthy. I am happy for your parents too , the Lolo and Lola. :) Is that how your baby going to call them?
Yesterday at 7:41pm

Julie Ahring
Congrats!!! Hope you have a safe and uneventful birth!
Yesterday at 8:07pm

Anna Cabugao Espiritu
Gah! Lapit na!!! So exciting! Ako din, I made a deal with Joaquin. I told him I have to be fully recovered for the New Moon premiere on the 20th. Haha! That will be my first night out after delivery.

Tell Mandie to text/call us as soon as she can when you go into labor para we can pray all together and then come visit you and Kimi afterwards!
Yesterday at 9:40pm

Amanda Lim
Pop na! We can't wait!
Yesterday at 12:55pm

Jen Mead wow! cannot wait to see your little one soon!! prayers coming your way for a safe delivery!

37 minutes ago

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4D sonogram of YOU

My Dearest Sweetheart,

I just remembered that I totally forgot to post pictures from your 4D sonogram. How bad of me huh?!

We had the sonogram done when you were 29 weeks and 0 days in my belly. It was done at this place called Motherhood Sonogram in Tyson's Corner. We were so excited to see how you would look. Only thing is, you were so sleepy and didn't want to move much for us so it was hard for the technician to get good pictures of you. Somehow, your face was squished up my placenta and you refuse to move from it. It must feel nice and cozy to you. They made me walk 2 times, eat, and drink, and even listen to music to try to wake you up to move, but you would not bulge. We actually saw you yawn more than 4 times during the whole video shoot. It was too cute.

Your Papsi, U. Tim, and I were there at the sonogram.

Here are some pictures of you taken at 4D:

A clear shot of your lil cute face. You look so peaceful sleeping.

Puckering your little lips at us. Your daddy likes to do this often : )

Are you thinking or trying to cover your mouth after you yawned??? I love are adorable!

I love your pudgy cheeks and puckered lips again. Again, your Daddy likes to do this. You definitely have his cute little defined chin.

You look like a little clown here. I think you were yawning at us for the millionth time : )

We were so happy to see you 4D even though we did not get too many good shots. We cannot wait to see you in real life though. I think you are going to be one adorable little girly.

Love you Bootsie,

Your Mami

Preparing for your arrival

My Dearest Bootsie,

This past month, your Papsi and I have been going crazy preparing for your arrival into this world. I know it may be a bit early, but we figured that the earlier we get started, maybe the less chances you will come early. As you will soon find out, I am a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse. The myth is that when you are a doctor or nurse, unexpected things happen and many times, their little one comes early. I thought that if I got your thing ready, then if you did decide to come early, we would be ready : ).

Since we live in a town house with your Auntie Mandie, and your two Uncles Tim and Tophe come visit during their vacations, we do not have an extra room for you at this time to turn into a nursery. However, our bedroom is so huge that we decided to make you a little corner "Kimi's corner." We would rather have you close to us for the first few months anyway so we can bond better and we can make sure that you are ok. Once your uncle Tim graduates and no one really uses the other room, my next project is to turn it into a beautiful room for you.

I have been going crazy trying to get the house all cleaned for your arrival. I had someone clean all the air vents and furnace, had the carpet shampooed, and have Sonia come often to clean the house. I want to make sure things are clean before you come. I have also been washing all the clothes, bibs, blankets, burp cloths, and miscellaneous things people have given or we have bought to make sure that things are clean before I put them on you.

Last week, your crib and dresser finally came. It's a pretty cherry brown color that will go well with your crib bedding. I wanted to get a white color since you were a girl but I figured that a white full size bed in the future might not be too cute. Also, the walls in the other room are all white so it would blend too much with the furniture. So, we decided to go with the cherry brown color which I think came out so beautiful. We waited almost 10 weeks for your furniture to arrive and we were very anxious to see it placed in your corner. We were able to find a really cute lamp to match your bedding at Ikea this past weekend. We definitely lucked out on that department. Your Papsi also set up your little arms reach bassinet already. I'm so excited your uncle Soy Sauce and uncle Pinky got it for us. It will definitely make those night time feedings so much easier on me, and also keep you so close to your Papsi and I. We also ordered the glider and ottoman to go with your little corner. I told your Papsi that we definitely needed it for nursing/feeding, and to rock you whenever you get fussy. It's very comfortable and I'm sure you will love being rocked in it. It's a nice cherry brown color with a fern colored fabric. I can't wait for it to come and for us to set it up.

Even though it may seem like we have done so much already, I know there is still a few things to do to get things ready. Your Auntie Mandie and I are going shopping at Buy Buy Baby tomorrow to get you some other necessities. I'm waiting for the wood letters I special ordered to come in the mail to hang up on the wall. Also, once you are born, the professional photographer will come and take newborn pictures of you. I plan to put up those pictures of you and some from my maternity shoot up on the wall as decor. It will give it a nice and personal touch.

I am officially 36 weeks pregnant and you have been baking in my belly for 9 months now. I'm so glad you have behaved all this time. I was so afraid you would come earlier than that just coz everyone keeps saying that my belly is dropping low already. I was thinking that maybe you can wait two more weeks and make it for Mama Mary's birthday on the 8th of September. That would be truly special...but really, I know you will come when you are ready. The day you decide to come with the most special day for us of course.

Before I forget, below are some pictures of your up and coming lil corner:

Your lil Corner in our room with no furniture yet : )

Another side of your corner with the dresser, lamp, and little book shelf. As you can see, your Papsi's books took over half of your shelf already.

Another shot with the lamp off this time.

Your beautiful crib with no sheets yet.

Your mini arms reach bassinet from U. Soy Sauce and U. Vic-Thanks so much you both, you saved my life : )

Your lil bookshelf that doesn't really match color wise with your corner but useful at this time. We have a Bose player that your Papsi bought a few years back. Now it can be put to good use for sure. I'm going to be playing you a lot of music. Also, I'm going to be reading you many books. I have two purple photo albums waiting to be filled with your pictures already, and a red binder compiled with all the papers/info from my pregnancy and you. I like to keep things organized so the next time we go through this, I can refer back to it.

The cute lamp shade we got at Ikea to match your crib set.

Another picture of the lamp shade not lighted up. I just love's sooo cute and totally matches your Brooke Nursery Bedding : )

Ok my lil princess, this is all for now. I will be writing to you again real soon and keep you updated on your/my pregnancy progress.

We love you so dearly and really cannot wait to hold you in our arms. Your Papsi rubs my belly every night to help me go to sleep and you just love it when he rubs my belly because you move like crazy. He cannot wait to hold you and give you tons of kisses.

Yours always,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Shower

My Dearest Baby Kimi,

Guess what? Since we are naming your Kiyomi, I came up with the nickname Kimi (first and last two letters of Kiyomi). Everyone loves it too and it's easy to say and spell. I hope you like it. Your grammy Lim is always calling you Kimi and no longer Bootsie. I will always have Bootsie close to my heart though because it was one of the first names we called you when I got pregnant.

I am writing you this letter to tell you about the awesome baby shower I had. It was on the 11th of July, 2009. We had it at the Sully Station Community Center and Pool near our house from 3-8pm in the evening. I had a friend of Tita Stella's named Ruby cater yummy Filipino food and dessert. Everyone loved it so much. Just so you can imagine, we had Beef and Chicken Empanadas, Chicken and Pork filipino BBQ on the stick with a sweet and spicy sauce, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit Palabok, Pancit Bihon, Lechon Kawali, and Beef Mechado with steamed rice. For dessert, we had Turon, Brazo de Mercedes, Leche Flan, Sans Rival, and a White and Milk chocolate mousse cake. Seriously, the food was to die for. We had it for merienda, dinner, midnight snack, and some for lunch the next day.

The baby shower itself was a great event but it was so much fun because we made it a weekend event. Many of our friends from out of town came just to see me pregnant and wanting to rub my belly. Really, you are so lucky because so many people love you so much already and you are still in my tummy.
The people that came from out of town included, Joan & John, Fatima, Nicola, Tj & Vic, Aisha, Sara, Maureen, Jen, Joseph, Yan, Akari & Wan Chen, etc. Then, many of our friends from here came to the shower also. We started partying from Friday all the way till Sunday. Really, I felt so loved because of all that came to celebrate "You & Me." Everyone cannot wait to meet you already and are planning to come back once you are born.

I'm posting pictures below so you can see what happened throughout the weekend.

Fixing baby shower party favors on Thursday evening at our house: From left to right Joan, Mandie, Me, and Nicola.

Friday morning after a hearty American breakfast. Waiting to go have our nails done at Allure Salon & Spa with the girlies.

At the nail place getting pampered!

After a yummy dinner at Burara Thai Restaurant in Reston Town Center with Fatima and Nicola.

The real partying starts that night at our house. Your Papsi Daddy is the champion Alcoholic Drink you can see, your Mama is being good and doesn't have a drink in her hand : )

At the baby shower on Saturday with your Auntie Mandie and my twin sister. Do we look alike? Not too much anymore because I'm pregnant with a belly and wearing flats so I look so short beside her! : )

Girlfriends at the shower from left to right: Anna, Amy, Me, Aisha, Nicola, and Mandie

Being silly with a very good friend Kimmie. She is sooo happy that you have both have similar nicknames.

Your Daddy and I so excited to get such a creative gift from Paul & Mimi: A beautifully hand made diaper cake.

The after party at our house. It was one crazy and memorable night. Everyone was so happy eating, drinking, singing Karaoke with Singstar, and just hanging out.

The girlies again from left to right: Mandie, Aisha, Me, Kimmie, Nicola, and Joan. Bestest girlfriends ever. Your Auntie Fatima is out of sight. She was prolly singing Karaoke or doing pictures : )

Ok, enough pictures for now. I have tons of them still that I'll shower you one day.

I cannot wait for you to meet all these wonderful people who love you already.

I have to go now baby...time to make dinner for your Papsi and also for you. I need to feed you!

Love you always,

Your Mama

Kiyomi Marie Kubota

My Dearest Bootsie,

I know, I know! I have been such a bad mommy for not writing to you for almost 2 months. So many things have been happening this past two months that I practically forgot I have a blog where I write you letters.

I have been taking a research class this summer which consumes most of my time besides my full time job. As you can see, since you are still in my belly, I can easily neglect you which is really not something I am proud of.

Your Papsi and I have finally decided on your name. I hope you will like it and that it will suit your pretty little face. Your official full name will be Kiyomi Marie Lim Kubota. To make things easier for paper work sake, we will only put Kiyomi Marie Kubota and leave out the Lim.

The name "Kiyomi" basically means beautifully pristine or beauty of the noble generation depending on the Japanese characters we use. We have not decided on that yet since we are waiting for your grandpa Kubota to get a name book in Japan and come up with the characters.

The name Kiyomi was actually given to me by your Auntie Fatima, who is one of my best buddies from college. We call each other "sisters" because we are actually that close. She gave me the idea for your name and I fell in love with it the moment I heard about it. Since then, nothing has been better.

We decided on "Marie" as your middle name because your great grandma Mary wanted something with Mary as part of your name to honor the Blessed Mother. I did not like the way Kiyomi Mary sounded so I said...why not Kiyomi Marie instead. Plus, my middle name is Marie also, so now we both have something in common. It makes me feel closer to you since Kiyomi is already Japanese and something in common with your Papsi Daddy.

I hope you will like the name because it's sooo unique and precious. Everyone who hears the name loves it so much. Your Auntie Sammi who lives in Vancouver said that it sounds like a royalty name and suiting for a princess...which you are to us : )

You are now 31 weeks in my belly. You have been kicking a lot which I really enjoy because it's my way of interacting with you. I have to say though that you are such a good girl because whenever I'm ready to go to sleep, all I have to do is rub my belly and tell you to sleep because your Mommy is ready to sleep, and you listen! I sleep so well because either you are sleeping also or your kicking doesn't bother me. I hope you will be good too once you come out and listen to me : ). When your Daddy tells me stories of his childhood, I get a little scared because he was such a naughty child. I hope you don't get those genes from him...hehehe : )

Ok, I'm going to write you another letter about the baby shower because it was such a great event.

Love you lots my little darling, 9 more weeks until I see you. I surely can't wait.

Your loving Mama

Friday, May 29, 2009

Butterfly flutters, Tickles, and Kicks

My dearest Baby Boots,

Almost 3 weeks have passed and I have not written you a letter. This is as usual, long due.

The last 2-3 weeks have been busy and exciting for me. When you were 20 weeks and 4 days, I went to Myrtle Beach, SC together with your Daddy, Uncle Tophe, Auntie Mandie, and Uncle Andre. We met up with your Uncle Soy Sauce & Uncle Pinky. We stayed at the Sheraton Broadway Plantation Resort which was sooo beautiful and relaxing. We had a great time down there and I cannot wait to bring you down there once you come into this world. The weather was beautiful...sunny but breezy. We were able to relax at the pool and I got to show you off in my belly wearing a bikini. We also went clothes shopping for you for the first time. Everyone in the family went insane shopping at the Carter's Outlet for you because they had sooo many cute and beautiful girl baby clothes. I cannot wait to see you in them. I think you are going to look so adorable! It was also such a special weekend for me because it was Mother's Day on Sunday. I was able to celebrate it because of you. I know I'm not technically a mother yet because you are still in my belly, but I'm a proud mother to be. We had dinner at this really yummy Japanese Steak House and everyone kept looking at me because I was glowing and beaming : ).

Before I keep babbling, the title of this blog is about you moving around in my belly. Since you were about 16 weeks, I would start to feel these little butterfly like flutters in my belly. At first I wasn't sure what they were exactly but I later figured that it was you moving around in my stomach. You would especially do it after I had dinner in the evening while I was relaxing on the couch with your dear ol' Daddy-o. It was such a fun feeling. Then, around week 20 or so, I started to feel more movement. Whenever you would kick, it would tickle me so much and I would laugh so hard that your Daddy would wonder what was going on with me. It was a sensation I was not used to. As week 21 rolled around, your kicks became stronger and everyone was super excited to feel you kick. Funny thing was, you would only kick when I would ask you to or when I would put my hands on my belly. Whenever your Daddy put his big warm hands on my belly, you would instantly stop. It was almost like you were playing a game with him.

I remember one night while we were in Myrtle Beach playing poker, I realized that I hadn't felt you kick all day. I got a little worried and decided to lie down on the couch. There was music playing in the background and I started to sing along with it and dance a bit while laying on the couch...then all of a sudden...Bam! You started kicking like crazy. It was such a happy moment for me. I know some people say they do not enjoy when their babies kick in their belly...but honestly, I enjoy it a lot. It's my way of conversing with you and knowing that you are doing ok.

The day you turned 22weeks, I remember waking up in the morning and realized that I hadn't felt you kick all night and morning. I woke up and started to tear up because I was worried about you. I had a rough time at work the day before and started to have pain in my belly so I thought maybe something had happened to you. It was silly but I guess it's also because of all the maternal hormones in me. I went to the doctor that day for your check up and as soon as I heard your heart beating with the doppler, I was relieved! Phew!

Now that you are 23 weeks, your kicks are getting stronger. They still tickle me sometimes but I'm getting used to you doing it. You love to do it especially at night when I'm laying down in bed around 10:30 or so. It's almost like you are saying good night to me : ) Also, you have been kicking for your Daddy now. Your Uncle Tophe felt you kick a few days ago and he was soo excited. Your Auntie Mandie has yet to feel you kick. Maybe one of these days when she is not so busy.

Anyway, we are in the process of getting your little nursery corner ready. Your daddy and I have been fixing and cleaning up the room like crazy. We have also gone to two stores to register for you already. It's fun and exciting at the same time.

I am counting down the days till you come. I will be 6 months next tuesday. 3 more months and you will be in our arms.

Sorry that I have to cut this letter short but I'm cooking dinner for your Daddy and your Uncle Tophe right now.

Just want you to know that I love you dearly and await your coming patiently.

With love always,
Your Mama

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My growing belly

Dearest Princess Bootsie,

Here are 4 pictures of my growing belly. I try very hard to take one picture of you in my belly once a month.

Your are a tiny peanut in my belly at 5 weeks 0 days:

A large plum at 12 weeks and 5 days:

A 3-5 ounce mango at 16 weeks and 3 days:

Love always,
Your Mommy

What is your Flavor???

My dearest Boots,

Happy 20 weeks today!!! I cannot believe how quick time has come and gone. I am halfway through my pregnancy already. In 18-20 weeks, we will be seeing you face to face for the first time. I cannot wait for that day to come. But, we have to be patient for now and have you grow in my belly. We don't want you coming out too early either because we want to be to fully healthy and developed.

The reason I'm writing you today is because I have to tell you something exciting. Last week, when you were 19 weeks, we went to have a level 2 sonogram of you. It's called an anatomical scan which looks at your growing anatomy to make sure everything is growing the right way. Also, it is the time when we would be able to find out your FLAVOR!!! From the color of the font of this letter, it is obvious what sex you turned out to be : )

I have to say that finding out your flavor was one of the funnest and memorable times I've had with you and your dad so far. I was very nervous the night before and did not sleep too well because I was anxious to find out if you were growing normally. Your dad skipped work in the morning to come with me because there was no way he was going to miss the big event.

This picture below is me looking all nervous while waiting for the sonogram.

Check out your cheesy Daddy who is uber excited to find out if you are a boy or girl

Before we found out your flavor, the ultrasound tech checked all your different organs and body parts to make sure everything was growing normally. It was such a relief every time she told us that your organs were looking good. It was sooo exciting to see you on a monitor for the second time. I could not believe how big you have become. Your little hands and feet were so adorable. You definitely did not make it easy for the tech to find out your flavor. Initially, she said you were sleeping because you were not really moving and all curled up. Eventually, she started to shake my belly a little to try and wake you. Once you woke, you were so modest and shy and kept your little legs all crossed and would not show us your private parts. The tech said you were doing YOGA in my belly. It was so funny to hear her say that.

After a good 40 minutes, the tech got quiet all of a sudden and I knew she was trying hard to find out if you were a boy or girl. I have to say that she is very talented because it sure was not easy to find. All of a sudden, she looks at your Daddy and I and announces that you are "A GIRL!" We were both quiet initially because we were not sure how to react. I asked how she knew you were a girl and she said that she found your labia (female genitalia). I wanted her to be sure before I celebrated. I look to your Daddy and he had tears in his eyes. Not because he was sad, but because he was happy to be having a little Princess!!!

All this time, I kept thinking you were a boy just because so many people said they thought you were one and I didn't feel pretty early on during my pregnancy. Your Daddy said he was hoping for a boy, but somehow knew deep down inside that you were going to be a girl. He said that I was looking prettier by the day. Please don't think that we were at all disappointed. Regardless of a boy or girl, we were happy just to have a normal baby. People always have certain expectations just because we are human. Silently, I was elated. I would have the girl I always dreamed of having. I was already thinking of all the pretty dresses you would wear and how Tita Mandie would braid your hair so beautifully.

I txted your Grammy immediately because it was her birthday and she was with the family in Manila. I wanted them all to know the great news. She txted me back saying that finding out you were a girl was the best birthday present she had. She wanted you to be a girl all along : )

That night, as I lay in bed, I looked towards your Daddy and said that you will have a new nickname: Princess Boots! He looked at me, laughed so hard, and said "I'm a dead man." He will now have two women in his life. How lucky he is huh?!!! Also, since you turned out to be a girl, your dad decided that it would be cuter for you to call him "DADDY" vs. "PAPA" I am pretty sure that as soon as your dad sees you, he will fall in love all over again and you will be "Daddy's girl." I long to see you and your daddy together. I think it would be such a beautiful sight and one I would never forget. Your Daddy also made a confession that night. He said that even if he ended up with 4 daughters, he would be happy : )

Before I end this letter, I'm posting some of your sonogram pics that were taken that day below.

Your beautiful profile picture, cute feet, and a hand:

This next picture is of you at a Yoga position with your feet up all the way to your head.

You got Sexy legs GIRL!!!

Last but not least, the picture that told us your flavor : )

Okay Princess Bootsie, until next time again. Always remember that Mommy & Daddy love you very much.

Your Always,