Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4D sonogram of YOU

My Dearest Sweetheart,

I just remembered that I totally forgot to post pictures from your 4D sonogram. How bad of me huh?!

We had the sonogram done when you were 29 weeks and 0 days in my belly. It was done at this place called Motherhood Sonogram in Tyson's Corner. We were so excited to see how you would look. Only thing is, you were so sleepy and didn't want to move much for us so it was hard for the technician to get good pictures of you. Somehow, your face was squished up my placenta and you refuse to move from it. It must feel nice and cozy to you. They made me walk 2 times, eat, and drink, and even listen to music to try to wake you up to move, but you would not bulge. We actually saw you yawn more than 4 times during the whole video shoot. It was too cute.

Your Papsi, U. Tim, and I were there at the sonogram.

Here are some pictures of you taken at 4D:

A clear shot of your lil cute face. You look so peaceful sleeping.

Puckering your little lips at us. Your daddy likes to do this often : )

Are you thinking or trying to cover your mouth after you yawned??? I love it...you are adorable!

I love your pudgy cheeks and puckered lips again. Again, your Daddy likes to do this. You definitely have his cute little defined chin.

You look like a little clown here. I think you were yawning at us for the millionth time : )

We were so happy to see you 4D even though we did not get too many good shots. We cannot wait to see you in real life though. I think you are going to be one adorable little girly.

Love you Bootsie,

Your Mami

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