Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Shower

My Dearest Baby Kimi,

Guess what? Since we are naming your Kiyomi, I came up with the nickname Kimi (first and last two letters of Kiyomi). Everyone loves it too and it's easy to say and spell. I hope you like it. Your grammy Lim is always calling you Kimi and no longer Bootsie. I will always have Bootsie close to my heart though because it was one of the first names we called you when I got pregnant.

I am writing you this letter to tell you about the awesome baby shower I had. It was on the 11th of July, 2009. We had it at the Sully Station Community Center and Pool near our house from 3-8pm in the evening. I had a friend of Tita Stella's named Ruby cater yummy Filipino food and dessert. Everyone loved it so much. Just so you can imagine, we had Beef and Chicken Empanadas, Chicken and Pork filipino BBQ on the stick with a sweet and spicy sauce, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit Palabok, Pancit Bihon, Lechon Kawali, and Beef Mechado with steamed rice. For dessert, we had Turon, Brazo de Mercedes, Leche Flan, Sans Rival, and a White and Milk chocolate mousse cake. Seriously, the food was to die for. We had it for merienda, dinner, midnight snack, and some for lunch the next day.

The baby shower itself was a great event but it was so much fun because we made it a weekend event. Many of our friends from out of town came just to see me pregnant and wanting to rub my belly. Really, you are so lucky because so many people love you so much already and you are still in my tummy.
The people that came from out of town included, Joan & John, Fatima, Nicola, Tj & Vic, Aisha, Sara, Maureen, Jen, Joseph, Yan, Akari & Wan Chen, etc. Then, many of our friends from here came to the shower also. We started partying from Friday all the way till Sunday. Really, I felt so loved because of all that came to celebrate "You & Me." Everyone cannot wait to meet you already and are planning to come back once you are born.

I'm posting pictures below so you can see what happened throughout the weekend.

Fixing baby shower party favors on Thursday evening at our house: From left to right Joan, Mandie, Me, and Nicola.

Friday morning after a hearty American breakfast. Waiting to go have our nails done at Allure Salon & Spa with the girlies.

At the nail place getting pampered!

After a yummy dinner at Burara Thai Restaurant in Reston Town Center with Fatima and Nicola.

The real partying starts that night at our house. Your Papsi Daddy is the champion Alcoholic Drink you can see, your Mama is being good and doesn't have a drink in her hand : )

At the baby shower on Saturday with your Auntie Mandie and my twin sister. Do we look alike? Not too much anymore because I'm pregnant with a belly and wearing flats so I look so short beside her! : )

Girlfriends at the shower from left to right: Anna, Amy, Me, Aisha, Nicola, and Mandie

Being silly with a very good friend Kimmie. She is sooo happy that you have both have similar nicknames.

Your Daddy and I so excited to get such a creative gift from Paul & Mimi: A beautifully hand made diaper cake.

The after party at our house. It was one crazy and memorable night. Everyone was so happy eating, drinking, singing Karaoke with Singstar, and just hanging out.

The girlies again from left to right: Mandie, Aisha, Me, Kimmie, Nicola, and Joan. Bestest girlfriends ever. Your Auntie Fatima is out of sight. She was prolly singing Karaoke or doing pictures : )

Ok, enough pictures for now. I have tons of them still that I'll shower you one day.

I cannot wait for you to meet all these wonderful people who love you already.

I have to go now baby...time to make dinner for your Papsi and also for you. I need to feed you!

Love you always,

Your Mama

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