Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Preparing for your arrival

My Dearest Bootsie,

This past month, your Papsi and I have been going crazy preparing for your arrival into this world. I know it may be a bit early, but we figured that the earlier we get started, maybe the less chances you will come early. As you will soon find out, I am a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse. The myth is that when you are a doctor or nurse, unexpected things happen and many times, their little one comes early. I thought that if I got your thing ready, then if you did decide to come early, we would be ready : ).

Since we live in a town house with your Auntie Mandie, and your two Uncles Tim and Tophe come visit during their vacations, we do not have an extra room for you at this time to turn into a nursery. However, our bedroom is so huge that we decided to make you a little corner "Kimi's corner." We would rather have you close to us for the first few months anyway so we can bond better and we can make sure that you are ok. Once your uncle Tim graduates and no one really uses the other room, my next project is to turn it into a beautiful room for you.

I have been going crazy trying to get the house all cleaned for your arrival. I had someone clean all the air vents and furnace, had the carpet shampooed, and have Sonia come often to clean the house. I want to make sure things are clean before you come. I have also been washing all the clothes, bibs, blankets, burp cloths, and miscellaneous things people have given or we have bought to make sure that things are clean before I put them on you.

Last week, your crib and dresser finally came. It's a pretty cherry brown color that will go well with your crib bedding. I wanted to get a white color since you were a girl but I figured that a white full size bed in the future might not be too cute. Also, the walls in the other room are all white so it would blend too much with the furniture. So, we decided to go with the cherry brown color which I think came out so beautiful. We waited almost 10 weeks for your furniture to arrive and we were very anxious to see it placed in your corner. We were able to find a really cute lamp to match your bedding at Ikea this past weekend. We definitely lucked out on that department. Your Papsi also set up your little arms reach bassinet already. I'm so excited your uncle Soy Sauce and uncle Pinky got it for us. It will definitely make those night time feedings so much easier on me, and also keep you so close to your Papsi and I. We also ordered the glider and ottoman to go with your little corner. I told your Papsi that we definitely needed it for nursing/feeding, and to rock you whenever you get fussy. It's very comfortable and I'm sure you will love being rocked in it. It's a nice cherry brown color with a fern colored fabric. I can't wait for it to come and for us to set it up.

Even though it may seem like we have done so much already, I know there is still a few things to do to get things ready. Your Auntie Mandie and I are going shopping at Buy Buy Baby tomorrow to get you some other necessities. I'm waiting for the wood letters I special ordered to come in the mail to hang up on the wall. Also, once you are born, the professional photographer will come and take newborn pictures of you. I plan to put up those pictures of you and some from my maternity shoot up on the wall as decor. It will give it a nice and personal touch.

I am officially 36 weeks pregnant and you have been baking in my belly for 9 months now. I'm so glad you have behaved all this time. I was so afraid you would come earlier than that just coz everyone keeps saying that my belly is dropping low already. I was thinking that maybe you can wait two more weeks and make it for Mama Mary's birthday on the 8th of September. That would be truly special...but really, I know you will come when you are ready. The day you decide to come with the most special day for us of course.

Before I forget, below are some pictures of your up and coming lil corner:

Your lil Corner in our room with no furniture yet : )

Another side of your corner with the dresser, lamp, and little book shelf. As you can see, your Papsi's books took over half of your shelf already.

Another shot with the lamp off this time.

Your beautiful crib with no sheets yet.

Your mini arms reach bassinet from U. Soy Sauce and U. Vic-Thanks so much you both, you saved my life : )

Your lil bookshelf that doesn't really match color wise with your corner but useful at this time. We have a Bose player that your Papsi bought a few years back. Now it can be put to good use for sure. I'm going to be playing you a lot of music. Also, I'm going to be reading you many books. I have two purple photo albums waiting to be filled with your pictures already, and a red binder compiled with all the papers/info from my pregnancy and you. I like to keep things organized so the next time we go through this, I can refer back to it.

The cute lamp shade we got at Ikea to match your crib set.

Another picture of the lamp shade not lighted up. I just love it...it's sooo cute and totally matches your Brooke Nursery Bedding : )

Ok my lil princess, this is all for now. I will be writing to you again real soon and keep you updated on your/my pregnancy progress.

We love you so dearly and really cannot wait to hold you in our arms. Your Papsi rubs my belly every night to help me go to sleep and you just love it when he rubs my belly because you move like crazy. He cannot wait to hold you and give you tons of kisses.

Yours always,

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