Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lovely comments from your Aunties & Uncles

My dearest Kimi,

All your Aunties and Uncles are awaiting your great arrival. While they wait patiently, they have written me so many encouraging and kind words to keep me going while I wait for the most exciting day of my life. I am posting them here so that you can read them one day and know how many people love you already even while you are still in my belly.

Fatima Samson Nicdao Kimchi!!!!!!!!!!!! come out come out wherever u are!!!!!!!!!!

August 31 at 6:58pm

Evelyn Kubota "PRAYER" is my gift for you everyday that you will be fine, protected & have the strength to cope with all the pressures & stress of the day. Have a blessed day!!!!

September 8 at 5:58am

Luisa Crane
I'm glad you're feeling well, are you still being abke to sleep at night? I remember not being able to find a comfortable position in the bed the last few weeks. I also hoped that Bella would come early, its so hard to be patient, even frus...trating at times. Just remember, "He has made everything beautiful in its time." (Ecc. 3:11) Btw did you get a birth announcement and a gift from us? I hope they made it to you ok! Rest up, enjoy a lot of alone time with your hubby bc you won't get much of it those first few months :) keep me posted! Xoxo Read More

September 9 at 7:36am

Samantha Chow Hey Andie, hope you're doing well! I got something mailing to you, but I was in such a rush I didn't put a card in it, so it's coming separately :) I hope baby Kimi likes all the lil goodies I put in there :) Oh, and it's from my family and I :)

September 10 at 1:55pm

Angela Nyakairu Hey Andrea, How are you? I am sure you can't wait till the little princess gets here. I keep on checking on your wall everyday to check if you have given birth yet:) Can't wait to see her. Take care.

September 12 at 9:55am

Fatima Samson Nicdao Kimchi, baby let's go! Come out already! No Filipino time ok? Love you, Tita Fatima

September 12 at 11:56am

Andrea Lim Kubota
Tita Fatima, I am taking my time in my mommy's belly trying to look perfect and pretty to make the best entrance into this world. Remember, I am half Filipino and like you said, Filipinos are always late. Please be will see me soon. Love you and can't wait to meet you. Love, baby Kimchi :)Read More

September 12 at 1:29pm

Fatima Samson Nicdao
you're already perfect my love!!!!
Mon at 1:33pm

Fatima Samson Nicdao Dearest Kimchi, I want to let you know that I was thinking about you today and wondering what kind of music you would like: love songs, or techno. Hmm. Maybe heavy metal? hahhaa. I want to take you to your first rock concert. Love, Tita Fatima

Mon at 9:10pm

Andrea Lim Kubota
Tita Fatima, thank so you so much for always thinking about me. You are such a sweet Tita and I really cannot wait to meet you. As for music...I'm not sure yet which kind I would like. My mom listens to all kinds and sings to me all the time. I hope I will like to sing like my Papsi and Mommy. You can definitely take me to my first rock concert one day. Love you and thinking about you also. Baby Kimchi
Yesterday at 1:14pm

Nicola Sequeira
Andie, when is Kimi coming out!! I got her a little something and its wrapped here ready to be shipped:) I have to only get to the post office soon. Can't wait for Kimi to be here already!! Keep me posted. Can't wait to see you all soon. to everyone at home. Kisses to Kimi. Love you all!Read More

Mon at 10:33pm

Victor Postemski TJ and I are keeping you and Dex in our thoughts and prayers this week! We're looking forward to welcoming Kimi to the world!

Mon at 11:19pm

Mary Doka Hi Sweetie... how are you doing? Can't wait for baby Kimi to come... I'm sure she will be one spoilt beautiful little gal...... Can't imagine what your house looks like...all baby stuff.... love you loads & praying that she will be here soon...

Yesterday at 9:44am

Kristin Attiogbe
Can't wait to hear the good news!!
Yesterday at 1:22pm

Jacqueline S. Ramos
Soon, Andie! Soon!!!:)
Yesterday at 2:00pm

Joy Lao
Congratulations and praying that both of you and your baby will be safe and continue to be healthy. I am happy for your parents too , the Lolo and Lola. :) Is that how your baby going to call them?
Yesterday at 7:41pm

Julie Ahring
Congrats!!! Hope you have a safe and uneventful birth!
Yesterday at 8:07pm

Anna Cabugao Espiritu
Gah! Lapit na!!! So exciting! Ako din, I made a deal with Joaquin. I told him I have to be fully recovered for the New Moon premiere on the 20th. Haha! That will be my first night out after delivery.

Tell Mandie to text/call us as soon as she can when you go into labor para we can pray all together and then come visit you and Kimi afterwards!
Yesterday at 9:40pm

Amanda Lim
Pop na! We can't wait!
Yesterday at 12:55pm

Jen Mead wow! cannot wait to see your little one soon!! prayers coming your way for a safe delivery!

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