Friday, May 29, 2009

Butterfly flutters, Tickles, and Kicks

My dearest Baby Boots,

Almost 3 weeks have passed and I have not written you a letter. This is as usual, long due.

The last 2-3 weeks have been busy and exciting for me. When you were 20 weeks and 4 days, I went to Myrtle Beach, SC together with your Daddy, Uncle Tophe, Auntie Mandie, and Uncle Andre. We met up with your Uncle Soy Sauce & Uncle Pinky. We stayed at the Sheraton Broadway Plantation Resort which was sooo beautiful and relaxing. We had a great time down there and I cannot wait to bring you down there once you come into this world. The weather was beautiful...sunny but breezy. We were able to relax at the pool and I got to show you off in my belly wearing a bikini. We also went clothes shopping for you for the first time. Everyone in the family went insane shopping at the Carter's Outlet for you because they had sooo many cute and beautiful girl baby clothes. I cannot wait to see you in them. I think you are going to look so adorable! It was also such a special weekend for me because it was Mother's Day on Sunday. I was able to celebrate it because of you. I know I'm not technically a mother yet because you are still in my belly, but I'm a proud mother to be. We had dinner at this really yummy Japanese Steak House and everyone kept looking at me because I was glowing and beaming : ).

Before I keep babbling, the title of this blog is about you moving around in my belly. Since you were about 16 weeks, I would start to feel these little butterfly like flutters in my belly. At first I wasn't sure what they were exactly but I later figured that it was you moving around in my stomach. You would especially do it after I had dinner in the evening while I was relaxing on the couch with your dear ol' Daddy-o. It was such a fun feeling. Then, around week 20 or so, I started to feel more movement. Whenever you would kick, it would tickle me so much and I would laugh so hard that your Daddy would wonder what was going on with me. It was a sensation I was not used to. As week 21 rolled around, your kicks became stronger and everyone was super excited to feel you kick. Funny thing was, you would only kick when I would ask you to or when I would put my hands on my belly. Whenever your Daddy put his big warm hands on my belly, you would instantly stop. It was almost like you were playing a game with him.

I remember one night while we were in Myrtle Beach playing poker, I realized that I hadn't felt you kick all day. I got a little worried and decided to lie down on the couch. There was music playing in the background and I started to sing along with it and dance a bit while laying on the couch...then all of a sudden...Bam! You started kicking like crazy. It was such a happy moment for me. I know some people say they do not enjoy when their babies kick in their belly...but honestly, I enjoy it a lot. It's my way of conversing with you and knowing that you are doing ok.

The day you turned 22weeks, I remember waking up in the morning and realized that I hadn't felt you kick all night and morning. I woke up and started to tear up because I was worried about you. I had a rough time at work the day before and started to have pain in my belly so I thought maybe something had happened to you. It was silly but I guess it's also because of all the maternal hormones in me. I went to the doctor that day for your check up and as soon as I heard your heart beating with the doppler, I was relieved! Phew!

Now that you are 23 weeks, your kicks are getting stronger. They still tickle me sometimes but I'm getting used to you doing it. You love to do it especially at night when I'm laying down in bed around 10:30 or so. It's almost like you are saying good night to me : ) Also, you have been kicking for your Daddy now. Your Uncle Tophe felt you kick a few days ago and he was soo excited. Your Auntie Mandie has yet to feel you kick. Maybe one of these days when she is not so busy.

Anyway, we are in the process of getting your little nursery corner ready. Your daddy and I have been fixing and cleaning up the room like crazy. We have also gone to two stores to register for you already. It's fun and exciting at the same time.

I am counting down the days till you come. I will be 6 months next tuesday. 3 more months and you will be in our arms.

Sorry that I have to cut this letter short but I'm cooking dinner for your Daddy and your Uncle Tophe right now.

Just want you to know that I love you dearly and await your coming patiently.

With love always,
Your Mama

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My growing belly

Dearest Princess Bootsie,

Here are 4 pictures of my growing belly. I try very hard to take one picture of you in my belly once a month.

Your are a tiny peanut in my belly at 5 weeks 0 days:

A large plum at 12 weeks and 5 days:

A 3-5 ounce mango at 16 weeks and 3 days:

Love always,
Your Mommy

What is your Flavor???

My dearest Boots,

Happy 20 weeks today!!! I cannot believe how quick time has come and gone. I am halfway through my pregnancy already. In 18-20 weeks, we will be seeing you face to face for the first time. I cannot wait for that day to come. But, we have to be patient for now and have you grow in my belly. We don't want you coming out too early either because we want to be to fully healthy and developed.

The reason I'm writing you today is because I have to tell you something exciting. Last week, when you were 19 weeks, we went to have a level 2 sonogram of you. It's called an anatomical scan which looks at your growing anatomy to make sure everything is growing the right way. Also, it is the time when we would be able to find out your FLAVOR!!! From the color of the font of this letter, it is obvious what sex you turned out to be : )

I have to say that finding out your flavor was one of the funnest and memorable times I've had with you and your dad so far. I was very nervous the night before and did not sleep too well because I was anxious to find out if you were growing normally. Your dad skipped work in the morning to come with me because there was no way he was going to miss the big event.

This picture below is me looking all nervous while waiting for the sonogram.

Check out your cheesy Daddy who is uber excited to find out if you are a boy or girl

Before we found out your flavor, the ultrasound tech checked all your different organs and body parts to make sure everything was growing normally. It was such a relief every time she told us that your organs were looking good. It was sooo exciting to see you on a monitor for the second time. I could not believe how big you have become. Your little hands and feet were so adorable. You definitely did not make it easy for the tech to find out your flavor. Initially, she said you were sleeping because you were not really moving and all curled up. Eventually, she started to shake my belly a little to try and wake you. Once you woke, you were so modest and shy and kept your little legs all crossed and would not show us your private parts. The tech said you were doing YOGA in my belly. It was so funny to hear her say that.

After a good 40 minutes, the tech got quiet all of a sudden and I knew she was trying hard to find out if you were a boy or girl. I have to say that she is very talented because it sure was not easy to find. All of a sudden, she looks at your Daddy and I and announces that you are "A GIRL!" We were both quiet initially because we were not sure how to react. I asked how she knew you were a girl and she said that she found your labia (female genitalia). I wanted her to be sure before I celebrated. I look to your Daddy and he had tears in his eyes. Not because he was sad, but because he was happy to be having a little Princess!!!

All this time, I kept thinking you were a boy just because so many people said they thought you were one and I didn't feel pretty early on during my pregnancy. Your Daddy said he was hoping for a boy, but somehow knew deep down inside that you were going to be a girl. He said that I was looking prettier by the day. Please don't think that we were at all disappointed. Regardless of a boy or girl, we were happy just to have a normal baby. People always have certain expectations just because we are human. Silently, I was elated. I would have the girl I always dreamed of having. I was already thinking of all the pretty dresses you would wear and how Tita Mandie would braid your hair so beautifully.

I txted your Grammy immediately because it was her birthday and she was with the family in Manila. I wanted them all to know the great news. She txted me back saying that finding out you were a girl was the best birthday present she had. She wanted you to be a girl all along : )

That night, as I lay in bed, I looked towards your Daddy and said that you will have a new nickname: Princess Boots! He looked at me, laughed so hard, and said "I'm a dead man." He will now have two women in his life. How lucky he is huh?!!! Also, since you turned out to be a girl, your dad decided that it would be cuter for you to call him "DADDY" vs. "PAPA" I am pretty sure that as soon as your dad sees you, he will fall in love all over again and you will be "Daddy's girl." I long to see you and your daddy together. I think it would be such a beautiful sight and one I would never forget. Your Daddy also made a confession that night. He said that even if he ended up with 4 daughters, he would be happy : )

Before I end this letter, I'm posting some of your sonogram pics that were taken that day below.

Your beautiful profile picture, cute feet, and a hand:

This next picture is of you at a Yoga position with your feet up all the way to your head.

You got Sexy legs GIRL!!!

Last but not least, the picture that told us your flavor : )

Okay Princess Bootsie, until next time again. Always remember that Mommy & Daddy love you very much.

Your Always,