Thursday, September 24, 2009

False Alarm!!!

Dearest Kimi,

You are still in my belly but already have become a drama queen who likes to keep your parents in suspense and constant excitement.

Yesterday, the 23rd of September, I woke up suddenly at 2:30 in the morning because of intense back pain and cramping to my abdomen. I tried to sit up, change positions, and even went to the bathroom to empty my bladder but the pain would not go away. I thought to myself, it must be labor contractions that are starting. I tried to go back to sleep but the pain kept me awake for a long while. I debated whether or not to wake your Papsi up but decided against it because I wanted him to get a good night's rest if I was truly in labor and had to go into the hospital later that morning. It was so hard to figure out if I was really experiencing true labor contractions because I have never experienced them in my whole life. You are my first baby of course so this experience is so foreign to me. I never had braxton hicks during my whole pregnancy so I really had no clue. I kept waiting to feel for my bag of waters to break or something else to happen to tell me that I was really in labor. But nothing happened. I must have dozed off but woke up again around 4:30 because of the same pain that was getting worse. I got up to empty my bladder again because I felt the need to constantly empty it.

Finally, around 5:30 in the morning, I decided that your Papsi had enough sleep and I had to wake him up because I was getting really uncomfortable. He got up right away and got his watch to help me time my contractions. But, I really didn't know how to time it since I felt like my belly was constantly hard and painful. Your Papsi told me to check my underwear to see if anything is showing down there. True enough, when I pulled down my pants, my little pad had a glob of dark brown blood and had fluid accumulated all over. Your Papsi said "Yep, that's your water that broke." Because I am a nurse, I said "let's not assume it's my bag of water that broke, it may just be a mucus plug or bloody show." Since we were not sure and the pain I was feeling was not getting any better, I decided better to call the doctor. Dr. Silas, my favorite OB called right back and asked me to go into Fairfax Hospital to be checked. Your Papsi was so excited for your arrival that he woke up his parents and told them to get ready for the big day. He took a nice shower and put on his favorite pink button down shirt to celebrate your arrival. We got everything packed into the car ready to welcome you.

As I arrived in the hospital, I was brought into Triage and hooked on monitors to check for your heart rate activity and my contractions. The nurse was not very happy with your HR and asked me when I last ate. I told her my last meal was dinner the night before. She asked me why I had not eaten since dinner the night before. I told her I was not hungry and felt nauseated with the pain I was having since 2 am. I was slightly annoyed because she expected me to be like her. She had replied to me and said that when she was pregnant, she ate constantly. Hello! I'm not like her. I eat only when I'm hungry and not around the clock. Anyway, she ended up giving me some juice to wake you up a bit. Your HR was fine after that...I knew you were ok because you kept moving. You do love to sleep in the morning though regardless if I eat a heavy breakfast or not so I was not surprised when you didn't have much activity when they hooked you to the monitor.

Anyway, it was showing that I was having contractions on the monitor but the nurse said it was not strong enough because I was still able to smile and talk. Dr. Berry, the new OB on shift came to say hello and said he would check me out in a while. I was not too happy to see him since I wanted to have Dr. Silas instead. Eventually, the nurse told me that I will most likely be sent home and will have to come back when the contractions get stronger either later in the evening, the next day or the day after. Finally, Dr. Berry came to see him and did a vaginal exam. He did say that I had a bloody show but that my bag of waters was still intact. He wanted me to go home and rest and come back if anything more exciting happens.

I keep telling your Papsi and your Auntie Mandie that maybe when you found out it was Dr. Berry there instead of Dr. Silas, you decided to delay your debut...hahaha!

I was glad to go home and get some rest because I had been up all night long in pain.

I guess the contractions were not real labor contractions yet and just practice contractions for the big day! I got your Lim and Kubota Grandparents too excited and everyone who had found out wanted to know if you were born already. You do love the suspense I'm sure! I know you will come when you are good and ready. I'm hoping in a day or two before my scheduled induction on Sunday.

Thank you for letting me sleep through out the night though and not coming just yet because I was in need of a good night's rest.

So many people including your Papsi and I are sooo excited for you to finally make your appearance. Please don't let us wait too long ok? We want to hold you already and welcome you into our family!

Love you so much,

Your Mama

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