Monday, April 6, 2009

Conceived in Africa

My Dearest Butiki,

You are about 15 weeks and 6 days in my belly as of today. Mommy has been meaning to write to you for a long time now to tell you all the adventures I have been going through for the past 15 weeks since you were conceived. I have been so busy and also kind of lazy that I never started it until today.

Before I tell you about the adventures I have been through, I want to tell you about the time you were conceived or "made" because it was a very special time for your Papa and I.

We traveled all the way to Uganda, Africa in late December to celebrate the wedding of your Auntie Joan and Uncle John. Together with us during that fun filled trip was your Auntie Mandie, Uncle Andre, Auntie Fatima, and Uncle Dan. It was such an exciting trip because never in our lives have we traveled to the continent of Africa. It was the first time we all step foot into such a foreign and exotic country.

The trip had many ups and downs because traveling is not always easy, but we had a good time nevertheless because we were with great company. We were there for about two weeks and stayed in the City of Entebbe. We also traveled to the capital city Kampala, went to see the source of the Nile River in Jinja, and saw exotic animals in a safari called Queen Elizabeth National Park in Mweya.

That trip to Africa was not only memorable because we were celebrating Auntie Joan and Uncle John's wedding, but also because your Papa and I were celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary.

In the midst of all the celebration, your Papa and I conceived you. We can joyfully say that you were "Made in Africa!" When you do the math and all the calculations, the doctors say that you were conceived sometime around the new year December 30th 2008 to Jan 1st 2009 : ). What a great start for the new year for your Papa and I even though we did not know about you then. We found out about you two weeks after we got back from our trip.

I always tell my friends and close family that the best souvenir I brought back from Uganda was you. People joke about it that they bought many beautiful crafts and gifts from Africa, how come we get to bring home such a great souvenir of a little baby. I guess I have to say that we were lucky, or better yet, that God loves us so much he gave us YOU!

I have to say that you were not "planned." Your Papa and I did say that we were thinking of starting a family sometime in the year of 2009 but never actually planned on conceiving while I was traveling because I was taking malaria pills and didn't think it was safe for you. We were always open to anything God has planned for us and put him in control. He indeed was in control and gave us you, our little miracle. I can definitely say that you are the fruit of our love. Even though you were not in our plans, your Papa and I were overjoyed when we found out we were having you. You are indeed, the best souvenir we brought home from Africa.

Now, the trip to Uganda will not only be memorable because we celebrated a wedding and our 1st year anniversary, it will always be engraved in our hearts and memories because a great miracle happened while we were there, and we got to bring home YOU!

I hope you will enjoy this story my dear one.

I love you my baby,

Your Mommy

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