Monday, August 25, 2008

Memories to cherish

I felt compelled to write this blog after my younger brother Tim left for FUS earlier last week and when my youngest brother left for his semester abroad in Austria yesterday.

The house that was so noisy and rowdy just a few months ago is now filled with silence and too much space. From the moment my youngest brother left, I kept myself busy by cleaning the house and storing all the little things my brothers left behind. I told myself that it will be so nice now because we will finally have more space and a tidy and organized house. But soon I realized that I would rather have a messy house with my family's presence rather than the lonesome quiet space.

I can now say that I have experienced what it feels like to be "left behind." I'm sure that when my sister and I left for college for the first time in our lives, my parents felt the same way. It's an emotion that is hard to describe. You are happy for the people who have to leave and experience something new, but you also feel like you have lost something important. It's a bittersweet feeling really...and has led me to realize how important it is to cherish every moment I have with people I care about.

My family has always been the pillars who held my life together. They make me who I am today and complete me. They have always been there when I needed them most and continue to be there even during the times when I think I did not need them. We share all our joys and sorrows with each other. We laugh, we fight, we joke, we cry, we pray, and play together. It's what makes us a FAMILY!

This summer has been one of the best I've ever had. My deareset Mommy came to visit and stayed for 2 months. Tim, Mandie, and Dex were here because they all live with me. Tophe came back from college for his 4 month summer break. My Daddy came to visit for a short but worthy while.

We started the summer off by driving my 2 brothers up to NYC since they had never step foot into the big apple. It was a short but fun weekend. Then, when my mom came, we had to make a trip to Hershey Park in PA. We promised each other that we had to do that this summer. It was such a fun and chocolate filled weekend. We also got lucky because the band Survivor happened to be on tour there so we got to see them. When my daddy came to visit in July, we made a special trip up to Boston and Maine to celebrate his big "50th" birthday. We feasted on lobsters and fresh seafood and had great company (my cousin TJ, my uncle Jaime, and auntie Grace). Last but not least, we flew down to Orlando, FL and had a restful and relaxing summer vacation at our time share.

After all the fun and laughter, reality struck us. My dad had to go back to work in Taiwan. My mom had to go back to be with my dad and fulfill her duties as a wife. Tim left for college in Ohio, and Tophe left for his semester in Austria. The house is now left with Mandie, Dex, and I.

As much as it was sad to see them go, the memories that I had with each one of them is now kept securely in my heart. Thank God also for great technology that we can store unending pictures in the computer :)

Thank you my dear Family for all the fun and craziness you brought to my life these past few months. I miss you all so much but know that I will see you again soon. Cherish the moments you are experiencing now because it's an experience you may only have once in your lifetime.


Mandie said...

Luvd this blog. Definitely summarizes what I feel right now and how much I cherished every moment we had with our fam this summer. Its crazy how time flies and you look back and see we are all grown, mamu and dadu turned 50 this year and you and deki are married. Just this year alone we have experienced some very very important milestones in our lives. Carpe Diem is def the theme here and lets keep living each day to its fullest and continue to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones and not forgetting to tell them how much we luv them! Miss u all Dadu, Mamu, Tim and Tophe! But like Andie said, enjoy where u are at your points in your life right now and it will be sweeter when we see you all again in Dec!!! Luv u lots my family! Muah!

Andre said...

You guys are really a special family. Continue to love each other as you do now. You guys have really showed me how to be selfless instead of selfish. I thank you guys for a special summer as well :)

Colleen said...

Hiya Roomie! Thanks for sending me your link, I'll add you to my bloglist. The wedding pics of you and Hideki are so beautiful that they don't even look real!

So, are ya knocked up yet?? :-)